Country Club Production Group (CCPG) is a production company dedicated to creating superior live entertainment experiences. CCPG has a wide array of high quality sound equipment, staging and lighting and has a team of highly experienced sound engineers and sound technicians to support small to large venues. The partners of CCPG each bring extensive sound engineering experience, which is further enhanced by the fact that several members of the team are active musicians who understand that quality sound engineering is key to supporting the entertainment as well as ensuring that the entire audience is able to fully appreciate and enjoy the event. CCPG was recently formed in order to maximize and leverage the collective experience of each partner and to expand the scope of services available in order to more effectively meet the needs of small to very large events across southern California. As you will see in the detailed proposal, CCPG is prepared to meet the specific sound requirements identified, and should the City desire, CCPG is also prepared to offer additional equipment for certain events to further enhance the experience. For your information, below is a list of the CCPG team members and their experience:

Rob von Zabern, CCPG Co Owner, Lead Sound Engineer, Emcee

Rob von Zabern began providing live sound engineering services in the late 1970s at all live performance stages within Knott’s Berry Farm. Subsequent to this he served as Lead Sound engineer supporting a national touring production “The Great American Ice Show” where he was responsible for leading 4 union stage technicians in each city for load in, setup, running and mixing shows, load out as well as editing all show audio, multimedia, band click‐tracks as needed as show performers changed. Rob also provided show communications for: stage management, the sound and lighting engineers, 6 follow spot technicians, backstage and dressing rooms. For approximately ten years during the 1990s, Rob provided DJ and Emcee services for corporate events, weddings, and private events. From 2010 to the present, Rob has been providing sound engineering and lighting equipment and services through VZ Productions for live entertainment as well as studio recording and editing services. Rob has served on charitable non‐profit boards, on the Advisory Board of California Baptist University School of Engineering in Riverside, and is a respected business owner and employer for 35+ years.